Home Health News Why Vaccinating Your Child Is Very Important?

Why Vaccinating Your Child Is Very Important?

Why Vaccinating Your Child Is Very Important?
Why Vaccinating Your Child Is Very Important?

There are many myths and misconceptions about vaccinations. They are necessary for our family and public health. They prevent the spread of contagious and dangerous diseases such as polio, measles, whooping cough, chickenpox, diphtheria, mumps, and HPV.

What Is A Vaccine?


Immunization or vaccine is a way to build natural immunity to a disease before getting sick. The main goal of vaccination is to prevent the spread and lower the impacts of deadly diseases.

How Does Vaccination Work?

A weakened disease germ is introduced into the body via injection. The body detects the invading antigens (germ) and releases antibodies to fight them. Pre-exposure to different germs helps build your natural immune system. The antibodies stay in your body for the rest of your life. When your body gets exposed to the diseases later, it fights them without you getting sick.

Are Vaccines Safe For Everyone?


Vaccines are good, but not safe for everyone. Infants below the age of two months and people with certain medical issues should not receive vaccinations. There are also people who don’t respond to certain vaccines.

Vaccines And Children Health.

Vaccines And Children Health.
Vaccines And Children Health.

Every parent wants to do what is best for their child. We are happy when we hear our children are safe. We are buying baby gates and car seats for our toddlers to ensure their safety.

Despite changing our lifestyles to ensure the safety of our children, many parents forget to make sure that their children have all their vaccinations. Here are some of the important reasons to vaccinate your child on time:

Reasons To Vaccinate Your Child.

1. It Can Save Your Child’s Life.

Child's Life.

Immunizations help protect your child from diseases that once killed thousands of children. An example of these diseases is polio. Some years back, polio was the most feared disease in the US and was causing many deaths and paralysis across the country. Thanks to vaccinations, there are no more polio deaths in the US today.

Smallpox, which was one of the most deadly diseases in the last century, has been completely eradicated. It killed over 500 million people all over the world. Getting a smallpox vaccination helps prevent its resurgences.

2. Immunizations Protect Those You Care About.

Immunizations Protect Those You Care About.
Immunizations Protect Those You Care About.

We have seen resurgences of whooping cough and measles over the past few years. There are about 10,000 to 50,000 cases of whooping cough in the US every year. 10 to 20 babies are dying every year when they are too young to be fully vaccinated. Some babies can’t get vaccinations against these diseases because of allergy and weak immune systems as a result of health conditions such as leukemia.

To keep such babies safe, you and your children that qualify for vaccination are fully immunized. Immunization helps prevent the spread of these diseases to your loved ones.

3. Vaccinations Are Effective.

Vaccinations Are Effective

Doctors and other health professionals carefully review vaccinations before giving them to children. Some vaccines cause discomfort, but they are less severe compared to those of the disease they prevent. Allergic reactions and other serious side effects of vaccinations are rare. Don’t skip taking your child to get immunizations in attempts to avoid their potential side effects. All vaccines in the government hospitals are safe and effective. They don’t contain toxins that can harm your body.

4. Vaccination Protects The Future Generation.

Vaccination Protects The Future Generation

Immunizations help reduce and eliminate cases of diseases that severely disabled or killed people in past generations. Smallpox vaccinations have successfully eradicated it world wide. If we accept and continue vaccinating, some health conditions will not be there to hurt our children in the future.

5. Vaccination Saves Time And Money.

Time And Money

Some vaccine-preventable diseases can lead to prolonged disability that will affect your ability to work, resulting in a financial toll. Vaccination is cheaper and more effective than treatment. Some vaccines are available in government hospitals at no cost for children and low-income families. Getting vaccinated against some diseases such as measles is like an investment. Vaccinations help reduce and eliminate unplanned financial spending on medical bills.

Some of the misleading statements about vaccines on the internet claim that they cause the diseases they are to prevent. Many people still think that they will get sick after a flu shot. That is impossible even for the vaccines that use weakened live viruses. Before skipping a vaccination, you should discuss its possible benefits and risks with your doctor.



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