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We Have A Pandemic Out Of Control | Public Health Expert Says

We Have A Pandemic Out Of Control | Public Health Expert Says
Curbside voting in St. Charles County for voters who have coronavirus disease (COVID-19), during Election Day in Missouri, U.S., November 3, 2020. REUTERS/Lawrence Bryant

Well, there’s a lot of things that could have been done. And it is always difficult to play Monday-morning quarterback.

But there is still an opportunity to do something. There are several things. Number one, we never had a national strategy. We have had — each state has had its own strategy. And, as a result of that, it is really hard to fight a pandemic with 50 different plans.

Number two, we have never had a coordinated approach in looking at what we are going to do. So, for example, having a mask mandate across the country, yes, would be difficult, but not impossible. And it’s something that could certainly be coordinated.

As you’re having more or fewer cases in a community, you can decide what exactly, what interventions you need to do.

Our testing system has not worked well. You still have people — despite having a lot of tests, we still have people that cannot get test results within 24 hours and are waiting four to five days. And, again, if you wait for a test result for that long, a lot more infections are happening.

And our contact tracing is totally broken down. We have not done contact tracing appropriately. And then, finally, I would say that we really are focusing too much on not doing things that need to be done. We’re just saying, let’s open the community and let’s let the virus run, when some things need to be done, for example, avoiding crowded places, avoiding indoor settings, certain things that could be done to prevent the widespread events that we know are important and the super-spreading events in this pandemic.

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