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10 Tips To Incorporate Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine.

10 Tips to Incorporate Mindfulness into your Daily Routine
10 Tips to Incorporate Mindfulness into your Daily Routine

Life can be stressful and fast-paced; mindfulness is a technique turned into life philosophy that can help you weave through the struggles of life in a calm state. In this article, you will find 10 ways to add mindfulness exercises into your daily routine. Let’s get started.

Take Some Time For Yourself.

The first and foremost rule to incorporate any habit on your routine is dedicating some time to it. Luckily, mindfulness does not require much time (although once you get started, you will want to put more and more time into it). The first exercises should last no longer than 5 minutes a day in your first couple of weeks.

Find A ‘Happy Place’.

When people think of a happy place, they usually think about retreating into their minds to a place from your memories or your imagination, and there’s some truth to that; however, finding that happy place in your mind becomes easier if you have some sort of happy place outside. A room with enough space for you to sit or lay on the floor, neither cold nor hot (somewhere between 64 and 78″F would be ideal) and having a mat, rug or pillow to sit/lay on would be ideal.

Focus On Your Breathing.

Focus on your breathing

Often the things we don’t care about or we don’t notice are the most important things, like your breathing. You do it almost all the time without putting a single thought into it. For this exercise, sit or lay in the place of your choosing in a way that your spine is straight and air can come through easily. Take a deep breath. Inhale and let the air fill you all the way to your belly. Exhale slowly. Take your time between breaths as well. Do this exercise a couple of minutes a day. It might be uncomfortable at first but you’ll grow more comfortable doing it as time goes by.

Count To 10.

Another exercise you can do to sharpen your focus is sitting down and counting from 1 to 10 in your mind. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and start counting to 10. Don’t think about anything else that isn’t your counting. If any thought arises and makes you lose focus, start over. When you get to 10, the exercise is over! Repeat this daily.

Let Your Mind Be A Blank Slate.

The next exercise is a bit harder, but it is way more rewarding. Get yourself sitting on your happy place, close your eyes and breathe consciously. Start focusing on the internal feelings of your body. Feel the tension on your muscles or lack thereof. Allow your mind to enter a state of free flow. Thoughts may appear, but try not to react to them, not to judge them. Thoughts are not good or bad, let them be.

Write About Your Feelings.

Write about your feelings
Write about your feelings

The effects of journaling / writing about your feelings are well-documented; it can help you develop better emotional management and it will allow you to keep a record of your natural reactions, which can help you to modify these for better in the future.

Clean Your Room.

Clean your room

Disorder and filth are strong yet common stressors and they are especially easy to become accustomed to, that’s why you wouldn’t see anything out of order when your room is messy but feel a huge relief when you finally clean it. Cleaning and placing things with some sense of order can be an amazing conscious exercise.

Make A ‘Happy Place’ Out Of Anywhere.

Make a 'happy place' out of anywhere.
Make a ‘happy place’ out of anywhere

After some experience with the exercises above, you can bring yourself into the present and make anywhere you are into a place of meditation. A good way to do this is by focusing on your breathing any time a signal from the outside occurs. It can be a notification on your phone, a car honking in traffic,

Go Beyond Initial Reactions.

When things get heated, it’s easy to react negatively But, where does your negative reaction come from? Where does the other person’s reaction come from? Is it understandable? Can you place yourself into the other person’s shoes and, from that point, come to an agreement? Stop and ask yourself these questions before you make rash decisions or say something abusive to them.

Live One Day At A Time.

Live one day at a time
Live one day at a time

The hardest yet most rewarding exercise you can practice with mindfulness is letting go of the regrets from your past self and the worries of your future self, truly living one day at a time.


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